Tupperware Microfibre for Children

Alison Lester

Tags children, kids

We all know that Tupperware products are great for children, but I have to confess that I now have an absolute favourite for children that I had not considered before.

Have have two granddaughters who are just four and two, so mealtimes can sometimes be a messy affair! However this is no longer the case as I have found the magic in Tupperware Microfibre for children...and what is more, they love it too!

If this looks familiar....

.....then you need one of these! Soft, fluffy and very absorbent - 30cm square. 

Great for little faces, and much better for the environment than using disposable wipes. Plus, they clear up the spills quickly too...each one will mop up 200ml of liquid!!

Find them here in packs of two (colours as in the pictures) so there will be no doubt who owns which colour!

Genius, I just wish I had found them sooner!!




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