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Tupperware Aloha Bowls

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Tupperware Aloha Bowls


Our Tupperware Aloha Bowls are a beautiful addition to our Spring/Summer 2021 catalogue. Perfect for serving, storing and food prep and will bring colour and elegance to your kitchen. 

They are ideal for food prepared in advance and sealed to store in the fridge or for transporting to a picnic. Salads, rice, potato and fruit, the list is endless.

  • Aloha Bowl 450 ml Papaya
  • Aloha Bowl 1L Watermelon
  • Aloha Bowl 2L Rubine Red
  • Aloha Bowl 4L Radish
  • Aloha Bowl 7.5L Rhubarb
  • Aloha Bowl 12L Purple

Save 10% when you buy the set of 6, plus free salad servers. Total saving £22.40!

Buy them individually or buy the set including FREE salad servers by choosing your item in the size box. 

Each bowl stacks neatly inside each other, so if you have the set, you only need to find the storage space of the largest one.

See the range in the video below, but please note that the plates shown are no longer available.....instead we have the double plates which you can find here

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