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Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 2L Jug

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Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 2l Jug

The Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 2l Jug is one of our best sellers but it recently left the catalogue! It works especially well when combined with the cooks maid and shaker. No-mess mixing, and specially designed cover helps prevent splatter and allows you to store and pour a little or a lot. Removable anti-skid ring stabilizes the jug during use. These jugs have a sturdy handle which makes pouring easy.  It measures both dry and wet ingredients.

Use the dropdown menu to choose the jug, the cooks maid, the shaker or all three items.

Cooks Maid components and EZ shaker fit inside the hole in the lid! To fully use its all-in-one potentail combine with other products - see video and pictures below:.

  • to zest, juice or separate eggs directly into the Mix-N-Stor add the Cooks Maid elements
  • to melt chocolate or butter in bain marie add EZ Shaker

Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 2l Jug

Capacity: 2l
Dimensions: 16.3 cm Ø / 23.7 L x 17.2 cm W x 15.5 cm H

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