Tupperware Fundraising Events

Why not try a Tupperware Fundraising Event?

It's really very simple!

There are a few ways we can do this....and you choose either some or all of them!

We can run an online event on Facebook where you invite your friends to join the event and we demonstrate some of the products.  You also get some brochures to distribute too for those who do not like computers.

Not everyone likes to use Facebook, so if you want to involve these people we can also email them the same demonstrations by sending them You Tube videos to watch. All you need to do is to send us a list of email addresses.

How are the orders placed, and how does your event benefit?

Either you collect the orders and place the whole order.  We can do this by email, over the phone or you can place the whole order online and we give you a discount code which you add at the checkout to get a 10% discount. The 10% is then your fundraising profit.

.... or

we can give your guests a code that they add at the checkout and they place the orders themselves. Once the event is over we will send you a cheque for 10% of the proceeds.  The thank-you gifts can also be sent to you ...perhaps you could raffle these off to earn some extra income too!

So what do you need to do next?

Order some brochures here (they are chargeable, but can be returned and refunded after the event).

Call me to organise the date of the event!

Happy Fundraising and I look forward to speaking to you soon!


07805 498002