Container Labels for Tupperware

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Container Labels for Tupperware

Yes they are finally here, and as you can see from the picture, I have just started to label some of my space savers! I can't wait to see them all beautifully labelled!

We have two sheets to choose from, or if you have something that is not on these sheets, I will create a custom label for you. (See the "Choose your Label" Box and select which you would like by using the dropdown arrow). 

Page 1 and Page 2 each have 65 labels. If you choose customised labels please add your label text to the notes box at the checkout.

Newly added are also a set of 5 laundry labels.

These labels are not made by Tupperware, so they do not have the Tupperware guarantee.  They are designed to fit the space saver ovals in that they fit in the window at the front. Each clear label measures 38.1mm wide by 21.2mm deep. The depth of the text is 4mm which is the largest possible to fit sensibly for most words.

They are self adhesive and it is possible to wipe them, but you should not put them in the dishwasher. Keep the labels flat before they are applied to prevent curling.

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