Tupperware Chop Collector Black Lid

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Tupperware Chop Collector - Black Lid

The Tupperware Chop Collector has a multitude of uses.  It can be used for your ingredients prior to chopping them, it can be used for the peelings ready to go in the bin, or it is just a handy worktop tidy bin with a 2.5L capacity. 

The Tupperware Chop Collector's shape means it fits in the corner out of the way, or it can even hand over a door! The lid when opened will stand up without falling shut, or the lid can be detached and used as a spoon holder or even as a spatula itself.

Such a versatile product!  It matches the potato smart and the garlic and onion mates.

Original colour black and green, and now in all black!



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