Tupperware Clear Bowls Set of 5

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Tupperware Clear Bowls Set of 5

The set comprises

    • 290ml Clear Bowl – Dips, spreads, nuts, colour sprinkles, candies.
    • 480ml Clear Bowl – Cut-up fruit, cookies, macaroons, chocolate truffles.
    • 990ml Clear Bowl – Larger snacks like popcorn, chips, nuts, small fruits like grapes, plumbs, cherries.
    • 2L Clear Bowl – Salad, yogurt dessert/yogurt parfait, chocolate mousse. Larger dishes like pasta, fruit salad, potato salad, layered chocolate mousse.
    • 4L Clear Bowl – Multipurpose for parties and special occasions. Use for punch, sangria, layered desserts, fruit desserts.

Beautiful clear plastic which looks like glass, these bowls will grace any table.  Bowls also nest inside each other when not in use.

They are made from recycled single use plastic bottles, and it takes 116.7 500ml bottles to make the full set of bowls! 

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