Tupperware Clear Bowls

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Tupperware Clear Bowls

Tupperware Tupperware Clear Bowls come in the following sizes

  • 290ml: 10.9 diameter x 5.1cm high
  • 610ml: 13.9 diameter x 6.15 cm high
  • 990ml: 16.1 diameter x 7.2cm high
  • 1.35L: 190.86 diameter x 8.54 cm high
  • 2.4L: 23.6 diameter x 10.2 cm high
  • 4L: 27.4 diameter  x 11.9 cm high

Beautiful clear plastic which looks like glass, these bowls will grace any table.  Bowls also nest inside each other when not in use.

Buy the set and get a small discount!

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