Tupperware Collapsible Cake Taker/Pie Insert - Merlot Colour Base

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Tupperware Collapsible Cake Taker and Pie Insert

Tupperware Collapsible Cake Taker and Pie Insert is here for Christmas in a merlot coloured base and is ideal for cakes, pies and party food. Buy the Cake Taker or the Pie insert separately, or buy the two together.

The Pie Stackable enables you to carry two cakes/pies at the same time inside the cake carrier without squashing one, or used separately just to cover something in the fridge to protect it.

Tupperware Collapsible Cake Taker dimensions:

Collapsed: 35.6 x 31.6 x 13.5cm H

Extended: 36.6 x 31.6 x 20cm H

Tupperware Pie Stackable dimensions:

Diameter 28.4cm x 8.5cm H

Some of the pictures are with my doorstop cheesecake to show you just how these can be used!

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