Tupperware Demonstrator Starter Kit

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Tupperware Demonstrator Starter Kit

When you are ready to join Tupperware, you can order your starter kit here.

It is made up from a selection of the different ranges of Tupperware so that you can demonstrate the different types of products we sell.

The price of the items in the kit is discounted by 33%, so it is a really good way to start off your collection.

Included in your kit there will be:

    • 1 Space Saver Oval 2
    • 1 Ventsmart 1.8 Small High
    • 1 Cheesmart Square
    • 1 Butter Dish
    • 1 Set of 3 Salad bowls
    • 1 Freezer Mates small (just one, not the set of 4 in the catalogue)
    • 1 Freezer Mates small high (just one, not the set of 2 in the catalogue)
    • 1 Kids Orange Penguin bottle
    • 1 Green Sandwich Keeper
    • 1 600ml Shaker
    • 1 Crystalwave soup mug
    • 1 Thin Orange Silicone Spatula
    • 1 500ml bottle
    • Party Gifts and catalogue

*Contents may vary.