Tupperware Jel n Serve

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Tupperware Jel n Serve

This Tupperware Jel n Serve is a fun item to have in the kitchen.  It comes with 4 seals each with different designs on them, so you can have different designs on your deserts!

1.25L capacity, 22 cm diameter

One of my lovely customers Marie Brown who used to sell Tupperware a while ago has just bought a jelly mould which she used to have but had lost.
Her recipe is as follows and the picture shows the results!
Gorgeous Marie and thank you for sharing with us!
"My recipe was boudoir sponge fingers, pear halves in syrup (2 x tins) and fresh cream (whipped as much as possible), seperate the pears from the syrup, coat sponge fingers in syrup and place around mould, then layer in cream, pears and sponge fingers, usually get about 4 or 5 layers, then put extra cream on top, seal and expel air, turn over onto serving plate. literally takes 5 minutes, I used to do it at parties all the time."

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