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Tupperware - Tupperware Mega Freezer Bundle

Tupperware Mega Freezer Bundle

Take advantage of the Tupperware Mega Freezer Bundle deal this month and save a massive £13.40! 

Maybe you are tired of your freezer being in a mess with packets exploding and wasting, or maybe you want to take advantage of summer produce and large packs of meat which you can freeze.  Well this set will certainly get you sorted.

Each of these items is also available to buy individually, but the set which will save you £13.40  is made up as follows:

4 x 450ml - each will hold 500g of mince, also perfect for freezing meals for later

1 x 1L low - ideal for meat, fish, fruit which you want to freezer in one layer

4 x 1.1L high - perfect for soups, casseroles, veg and fruit

2 x 170ml - the smallest in the range, but really handy for children, herbs and the smaller things you don't want to waste

1 x 2.25ml - just the thing for traybakes and larger quantities which you need to keep in a single layer such as fish and meat

1x stacking set - each container holds 675ml and this is great for keeping food groups together.

All these items are available to buy individually too and you can see the whole range by clicking here

They are all just as useful in the fridge, but must not be used in the microwave.  See the following videos....the 2.5L high shown in the video is no longer available.


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