Tupperware Microcook Round 2.25L

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Tupperware - Tupperware Microcook Round 2.25L

Tupperware Microcook Round 2.25L

Just One Left!

The Tupperware MicroCook Round 2.25l comes in a new colour as in the picture for this special offer!

It is a very simple microwave cooking system. It is the perfect solution for busy people who want to prepare quick, healthy & delicious recipes.

it is made from strong, durable material which is resistant to high temperatures, and does not block or absorb the microwaves.

Can be used in temperatures up to 200°C (excludes the white seal, which is not microwave safe)

Withstands freezing temperatures to -25°C

Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable

With a Tupperware MicroCook 2.25l capacity you can easily prepare meal for the whole family: soup, stew, casserole, curry, cakes etc

13,45 cm (H) with cover / 12,06 cm (H) with white seal
Ø 22 cm with handles / Ø 18.5 cm without handle 

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