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Tupperware Pick n Mix 4 Items

This Tupperware Pick n Mix 4 Items from a collection of 14 allows you to buy 4 different items  for just £36.

To do this, please select 1 Pick n Mix collection at £36, then let me know in the notes section of the shopping cart which 4 items you would like. It cannot be more than one of the same item for each set of 4 you buy.

The normal retail prices are shown in the pictures, so by selecting a pick n mix, each item will only cost you £9 which is a great saving!

Choose 4 different items from:

  • (1) Stacking Canister Round 2L in Aqua
  • (2) Expression Bowl 2.5L in Watermelon
  • (3) One Touch Summer Canister 1.25L
  • (4) Multifunction Colander in Berry
  • (5) Set of 2 mugs with lids (Colours may vary)
  • (6) Cubix mini rectangle set of 2, 250ml in pink
  • (7) Cubix rectangle in lime 1.4L 
  • (8) Black multi opener
  • (9) Apple corer
  • (10) Paring knife in watermelon
  • (11) Lunch container with cutlery
  • (12) Clear bowl 990ml with black seal
  • (13) Allegra 4 peas server blue and white
  • (14) Signature line rectangle 980ml in pink


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