Tupperware Potato Smart with Parrotfish Blue Lid

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Tupperware Potato Smart with Parrotfish Blue Lid

I love the Potatosmart because you can store potatoes at room temperature for 2/3 weeks quite happily.  They will last even longer if kept in a cooler place like a garage or cool pantry. The same is true for sweet potatoes which also need to be kept in a ventilated cool dark place too.

Potatoes are best not stored in the fridge which is where many people store them, as the starch will begin to turn to sugar.  They also take up a lot of space in a fridge, and customers have told me that they often fester unseen in the bottom drawer of the fridge in their plastic bags.
Potatoes and onions should be stored separately because moisture from the potatoes will cause the onions to rot, which is why we need the Onionsmart which is pictured here.  Onions, like potatoes are best kept cool and ventilated outside of the fridge. The 3L Onionsmart will hold a kilo of onions with room to spare. It does not need the lid that the Potatosmart has as the onions do not need to be kept in the dark.

The same is true for Citrus fruits, avocados, fruits with stones, bananas, tomatoes, peppers, chillis.  Not only will you lose the best flavour by refrigerating these, but the cold will prevent the ripening process which needs to continue, as the supermarkets often sell them before they are completely ripe.

They are easily stackable and can either be stored in the cupboard or on the worktop. I have 2 Potatosmarts - one for the type of potato you use to roast or chip, and one for the boiling/mashing type. I also sometimes use one for Sweet Potatoes. I have 2 Onionsmarts - one for onions and garlic and one for other fruit and veg which I don’t put in the fridge.

The roomy 5.5L Potatosmart container will hold 2.5K of potatoes  with room to spare. Otherwise, buy loose potatoes to save on the plastic packaging. 

The container itself is easily sealed with a simple press of two thumbs each side of the lid. 
  • PotatoSmart: 5.5L: 28.5 x 19 x 23 cm
  • Shown in the video in green, but this offer is for blue.

Buy the Onionsmart here

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