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Tupperware Space Saver Oval 4

Tupperware Space Saver Oval 4

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Tupperware Space Saver Oval 4 

Tupperware's premium quality Space Savers range allows you to create valuable pantry space, extend the life of everyday ingredients and keep your food visible at a glance. Stack them in a cupboard, or display them on your worktop. They're perfect for kitchen or laundry. Make your collection with the variety of sizes that allows storing a multitude of foods in a minimum of space.

Tupperware Space Saver Oval 4 capacity allows you to store eg.: 2kg of castor sugar, 1,5kg of flour, 500g of pasta (eg. spirali, tagliatelle); 750g of muesli; 160 tea bags or as a cereal container.

Capacity: 2,3l
Dimensions: 18.5 x 9.5 x 22.7 cm H

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