Tupperware Ventsmart Vertical 3.2L

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Tupperware - Tupperware Ventsmart Vertical 3.2L

Tupperware Ventsmart Vertical 3.2L

The tall and slim Tupperware Ventsmart Vertical 3.2L is a new addition to the range, and it will fit in your fridge door!

With theTupperware Ventsmart 3.2l you can preserve your fresh produce even longer! These redesigned containers offer better air circulation and advanced moisture protection. The storage chart is relocated for easier viewing, and an improved venting system moves to an easy-open seal. New, flexible sizes which  and sit together to save space.


The size and capacity of the Tupperware Ventsmart 3.2l  is perfect for storing taller items such as leeks, celery. courgettes, cucumber, carrots, herbs etc etc

18.2cm x 11cm x 22.8cm

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