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Tupperware Warmie Tup

The Tupperware Warmie Tup offer is for a set of two 2.25L bowls, one of which has a colander insert, and one of which has a plain insert. You can also buy them singly.

The Tupperware Warmie Tup range is a mordern and graceful design for your table. These servers have  a double-walled insulation to keep your food for longer, or cooler if you prefer!

Inner and outer bowls can be used separately, when there is no need to insulate food. The cover also stands vertically on the rim of the outer bowl, making serving even easier with no dripping lids to put on your table.

The Tupperware WarmieTup range is microwavable meaning that you can reheat and serve in the same dish.

Reheating in microwave should be done at a MAXf 600w, with the inner bowl nested inside of outer bowl.

The Tupperware Warmie Tup Colander can be used as an individual product to rinse and drain ingredients or in a combination with outer bowls of WarmieTup range for defrosting, poaching.

The 2.25 L Bowl Capacity: Inner bowl: 2.25 L / Outer bowl: 2.4 L
Dimensions: 8.3 (L) x 24.5 (W) x 13.9 (H) cm

Colander Dimensions: 28.3 (L) x 24.5 (W) x 9.3 (H) cm 


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