Out with the Old and in with the New!

Alison Lester

Happy New Year to all my Customers!

As a New Year starts, many people try New Year Resolutions, or in other words create new and better habits which is what it really comes down to!

So there are two things I would like you to consider this year which can create better habits for you:

1) Many of you may have seen the initiative in Cornwall about companies refilling water bottles to cut down on waste plastic, so take a look at our range of Tupperware bottles which come with a 10 year guarantee and help save the planet a little!

2) Some of you may have to be brave to do this after the fridge door and take a good look at what has happened to the contents.  How much waste is there? How many bits of cling film have come loose? How much spillage was there? What is lurking in the bottom of the vegetable draw? How much cheese has dried out? How many packages are open and the tops are curled over leaving the contents open? ..... I could go on!  Resolve to get it organised and stop the waste with our Fridge Storage range.  If there is something you need to store but can't find the container, then please ask on our contact us page!

** Tip - If you want to use containers that are suitable for the both the freezer and fridge, then check out our Freezer Range

If we all wasted less, and used containers which last, then think of the impact on our planet!




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