Tupperware bottles

Tupperware bottles

Tupperware bottles

Thousands of moisture-loving bacteria may be crawling on your favorite refillable drinking container, so it is important to choose the right one!

The average athlete's water bottle has 313,499 CFU (colony forming units) per square centimetre!

Take a look at this website and then look below at why Tupperware bottles are the best!

And this is why Tupperware bottles are the best ...

  • Each Tupperware bottle has a wide neck which makes it easier to keep clean
  • You could use a disposable straw with it which would be even much more hygienic
  • You can put Tupperware bottles in the dishwasher to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly
  • No difficult to clean nozzles which trap the germs
  • And where else would you get a 10 year guarantee?

So which would you choose?  Find the best here!

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