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Tupperware Bowls - 2L to 9.5L sizes discounted set

Tupperware Bowls - 2L to 9.5L sizes discounted set

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Tupperware Ultimate Bowls - 2L to 9.5L sizes discounted set

These Tupperware Ultimate Bowls are in a beautiful new colour this season. There are 5 bowls, each with their own seal which can be bought individually, plus a splash guard which is also a separate item. The Splash Guard fits only the 1L, 2L and 3.5L Bowls.

This is for the complete set of 3 bowls and splash guard 

These bowls have measurements imprinted on the inside, they are nestable when not in use.

They have a nice flat bottom so they are very stable to use.


  • Splash Guard L 249.3 mm – H 24.3 mm
  • 2L Bowl Diameter 214 mm – H 101.5 mm
  • 3.5L Bowl Diameter 253.9 mm – H 116.5 mm
  • 9.5L Bowl Diameter 347.7 mm – H 194.8 mm

See them in this video....

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