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Tupperware Bowls - 2L to 9.5L sizes

Tupperware Bowls - 2L to 9.5L sizes

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Tupperware Ultimate Bowls - 2L to 9.5L sizes

These Tupperware Ultimate Bowls are in a beautiful new colour this season. There are 3 bowls, each with their own seal which can be bought individually, plus a splash guard which is also a separate item. The Splash Guard fits only the 2L and 3.5L Bowls.

Alternatively, you can also choose the whole set. Choose what you would like in the box marked 'Choose your item' and the price will change depending on your choice.

These bowls have measurements imprinted on the inside, they are nestable when not in use.

They have a nice flat bottom so they are very stable to use.


  • Splash Guard L 249.3 mm – H 24.3 mm
  • 2L Bowl Diameter 214 mm – H 101.5 mm
  • 3.5L Bowl Diameter 253.9 mm – H 116.5 mm
  • 6L Bowl Diamenter 300mm - H 135mm
  • 9.5L Bowl Diameter 347.7 mm – H 194.8 mm

See them in this video....

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