Tupperware Allegra Range of Products

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Tupperware Allegra Range of Products

The cheerful cherry red and white Tupperware Allegra range of products gives you all you need for spring/summer entertaining.

Listed by the numbers on the pictures to help identify each piece as follows:

1 - Salt or Pepper Grinder - 200ml - 7.5cm diameter x 14.5cm H

2 - Allegra Bowl 1.5L - 24.5cm diameter x 7.75cm H

3 - Allegra Bowl 3.5L - 30.7cm diameter x 10cm H

4 - Allegra Bowl 5L - 30.7cm diameter x 13.2cm H

5 - Allegra Bowl 740ml - 19.2cm diameter x 6.35cm H

6 - Allegra Desert Cups 275ml (set of 2) - 15cm diameter x 6.4cm H

7 - Allegra Salad Tongs 30.4cm x 3.65cm H

8 - Micro Deli Dip & Forks - Bowl 19.5cm diameter x 10.5cm H

9 - Allegra 4 Peas Server (Red Inner) - 43.7cm x 15.4cm x 3cm H

10 - Allegra 4 Peas Low Tray (White) - 43.7cm x 15.4cm x 3cm H

11 - Allegra Square Bowl 2.5L - 26.3cm x 26.3cm x 7.23cm H

12 - Allegra Basket  - Outer bowl and inner colander 1.3L - 24.5cm x 24.1cm x 6.5cm H

Or buy the complete collection and save £25.14 including postage! 

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