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Tupperware Allegra

Tupperware Allegra

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Tupperware Allegra 

These Tupperware Allegra Bowls will grace any table.

A. Allegra 4 Peas Server

B. Serving Forks

C. Two 275ml bowls with seals - 15cm diameter x 6.5cm H

D. Allegra Bowl 1.5L - 24.5cm diameter x 7.75cm H 

E. Allegra Square Bowl 2.5L - 26.3cm x 26.3cm x 7.23cm H 

F. Allegra Bowl 3.5L - 30.7cm diameter x 10cm H 

G. Allegra Bowl 5L

H. Four Piece Set - 1.5L, 2.5L, 3.5L and Four Peas Server





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