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Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 1.25L

Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 1.25L

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Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 1.25L in new colours

The Tupperware EZ Mix n Store 1.25L has been a best seller for many years. The hole in the centre is the same size as the 2L version, so it still works with the Cooksmaid to zest, separate eggs and juice directly over the jug,  as well as the EZ Shaker 350mls to melt chocolate etc. 

Brilliant jug which will be your best friend for many years to come.

The video below shows how all these products work together.

The dimensions of this 1.25L jug are:

14.4cm diameter. 20.4cm x 13.4cm x 14.7cm

See it in this video....


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