Tupperware Freezer Mate Medium Low lL

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Freezer Mate Medium Low ( 1L )

Identify the food in your freezer with fun colours while freezing and conserving your favorite foods! Flexible seals have been specially designed to protect your foods from the dry air in the freezer that dehydrates them. Flexible material of the bases makes it very easy to unmold the frozen food and the stackable  shape provides stability and improves the airflow between the containers.

Great for  storing long shaped foods and portions that need to be frozen separately like meat, chicken, fish fillets, for small ready-to-bake pastries and home-made ice-cream.

Freezer Mate Medium Low ( 1L )

Freezer Mates are suitable for temperatures as low as -25°C

Not to be used in the microwave!

Dimensions: 22.6 x 15.7 x 6.2 cm H

Spare lids are also available in the dropdown menu.

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