TUPPERWARE Micro Urban - Steamer and Rice Cooker

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TUPPERWARE Micro Urban  - NEW LARGE  is an all in one rice cooker, pasta cooker and steamer.

This one product does it all, and comes in a presentation box making it a wonderful gift.

The new 3L capacity 6 piece product combines the convenience and speed of microwave cooking for your pasta and rice, as well as steaming.  The metal-lined colander blocks microwaves from cooking the food, just letting them heat the water for steaming. This all-in-one solution will save you time, energy and space!


  • Rice cover
  • Rice insert
  • Shielded cover
  • Low colander
  • Shielded colander
  • 3L Base

Large size:  29cm x 24.2cm x 18.5 cm



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