Tupperware PotatoSmart

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Tupperware PotatoSmart

The Tupperware PotatoSmart has a vent so that your veg can breathe and stay fresher longer.  

It is a large 5.5L container that is also really handy for storing other items which do not need to be airtight....perhaps dried pet food, packets which get in a mess in your cupboard, or children's sweets or snacks.

Dimensions are 28.5 x 19 x 23 cm

Pictured here with its cousin the Onion and Garlic Mate. Also part of the range is the Chop Collector.

Original colour black and green, and now in black and peacock!

Buy all three containers ( Potato Smart, Onion and Garlic Mate and Chop Collector)  in either peacock and save £5!


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