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Tupperware Premium bottle 750ml

Tupperware Premium bottle 750ml

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Tupperware Premium bottle 750ml

Tupperware Premium Bottle 750ml is an elegant, stylish and clear drinking bottle which has the robustness of plastic, so you can enjoy the elegance without worrying about the bottle breaking. Take water and cold drinks such as juice, smoothies and iced tea with you on the go. The bottle is liquid-tight, so you don't have to worry about spills in your bag or backpack. The bottle's slim design also fits in the fridge door, the cup holder in the car and in the bicycle holder.

The bottle's drinking spout is comfortable and easy to drink from while walking and exercising. The small opening and integrated valve regulate the liquid flow, so you get a good drinking experience. With the wide bottle neck, you can easily refill the bottle, fill it with ice cubes and clean it with a bottle brush.

The bottle is environmentally friendly and made of a durable material, so it can be used again and again for many years - so you don't need to use disposable plastic bottles anymore!

The Premium Bottle is not suitable for hot or carbonated drinks.

Capacity: 750ml

H: 24.6 cm, D: 7.4 cm

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