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Tupperware Onion Smart Parrotfish Blue Lid

Tupperware Onion Smart Parrotfish Blue Lid

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Tupperware Onion Smart Parrotfish Blue Lid

The Tupperware Onion and Garlic Mate is the cousin to the PotatoSmart and they stack together beautifully.  Open fronted and vented to improve air circulation and keep food fresher longer. Ideal for onions and garlic.

Onions, like potatoes are best kept cool and ventilated outside of the fridge. The 3L Onionsmart will hold a kilo of onions with room to spare. It does not need the lid that the Potatosmart has as the onions do not need to be kept in the dark.

The same is true for Citrus fruits, avocados, fruits with stones, bananas, tomatoes, peppers, chillis which you can also keep in these containers.  Not only will you lose the best flavour by refrigerating these, but the cold will prevent the ripening process which needs to continue, as the supermarkets often sell them before they are completely ripe.

Of course it also has a wide variety of other uses just like the Potato Smart.

Dimensions: 18.3 cm wide, 27.2cm deep and 18.7cm high


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